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The Old Frontier

We setup this past Friday and Saturday nights at The Old Frontier in Thomson, Ga. Chris Smith, who runs the show there, had a rodeo going on and he let our Faith Rider group have the opportunity to witness and share with his visitors the love of Christ and tell of what Christ has done in our lives. What a good show and grand family entertainment could be had by those there. The Old Frontier is a youth camp environment that teaches youth about Jesus thru HIS love. In our fast paced world we tend to forget those things that are really important and the environment at The Old Frontier helps to steer us back to what we need to hold dear, Christ and his love for us. Give Chris a call to see what they have to offer your group at 706-533-2544.

Christians helping Christians

While driving back south from the Faith Rider weekend rally in LaGrange, I stopped to visit my friend Bill in Wilmington. Now all parking lots are not created equal, and when you have a van representing Christ it draws attention, which is good. But, you need to listen to the Holy Spirit if flags are raised to potential problems and dangers associated with damage being done to it. Not every soul wants to be reminded of not living up to the meaning of Christian or they have a darker heart to protect, in their mind’s eye anyway.
So as the Southern Cruisers riding club #62 group says, if you need help out on the road, we have people all over the place to lean on for assistance. I know some churches have elected not to be open for worship on Sunday nights and this is a tragedy, to me at least. A church should be open to those who may wish to worship or gather to pray in a Spiritual environment, members or visitors. Unlike the country song, every light is the house does not have to be on; but like Motel Six, there should be a light on for you. A guiding light for your path, at least. Oh well, after two missed attempts at Baptist churches that were not meeting, I found Cape Fear Free Will Baptist Church on Holly Tree road in Wilmington, NC. Of course, they had a service going on and I was able to meet the pastor’s son who let me use their parking lot for the night.
This may seem like a long road to a short story, but the point I am trying to make is to be in prayer for each other. We all need to be able to lean on each other with our daily struggles, to be encouraged by what we see and learn. Some Christians have forgot that we are to serve Jesus by loving on others, not just caught up in ourselves. So the electric bill may be higher for five people to worship on a Sunday night, but if that time is spent and a soul is saved…..that should be our ultimate goal. As Christians that is what Jesus taught; it is our GREAT Commission.

Ist Annual Faith Rider weekend, LaGrange, NC

On June 6-8th, the Faith Rider ministry of Crossroads Church had the First Annual Weekend Bike Rally held at 2939 Barrus Rd in LaGrange, NC. What a wonderful weekend was had by all that attend this event. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning services were lead by Brother Jerry McGee. If you have never heard this man speak about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; and the wonders that GOD did for him thru the answered prayers of a believing, faithful grandmother, then you have truly missed out. Look him up at You can hear 1 or 2 of his messages on that site. GOD is alive and it is time for Christians to walk the faith that they claim and reach out to those that have not heard about Jesus.

Flagler Beach First Baptist Church

On the trip to Daytona Bike week, I was able to worship with friends at Flagler Beach First Baptist Church. What a wonderful group of people that love the Lord. I always enjoy the older Sunday School class, they have a mixture of people from different walks of life and that group shares in discussion on topics that are in the study material. What a great bunch of believers to learn from and share with; they have been a blessing to me. Chet Thomas, the pastor is in tune to the needs of the church and GOD’s guidance for this church that serves a beach community. If you visit this part of Florida, drop in and visit with them on a Sunday morning.
Their address is 300 North Central Ave., Flagler Beach, Florida 32136 Their phone number is (386)439-3834 You will be glad you did! Look them up on internet for service times. The contemporary service is at 8:15am, with Bible study at 9:30am, and then a traditional worship service at 10:45am. This is a small church that follows the Holy Bible and they reach out to people in the name of Jesus Christ.

2014 Daytona Beach Bike Week

I sat down this morning to gather my thoughts of the Daytona Beach 2014 Bike Week. GOD blessed the area with GREAT weather for riding motorcycles, meeting both new and old friends, and enjoying events. A lot of different venues offer all types of entertainment from bike and car shows, rock and country bands, sands and surf, and the door is wide open to minister to the lost. Most events are free to the public; you just need to show up, they handle the rest.
For the first time, I had a place to be everyday and set up the wrecked bike to minister to people. Every time the Wheels of Faith van makes a move on the highway, I get reactions from other drivers. Some wave or give a thumbs up to the wording on the van itself. Some blow their horns and wave, some take pictures. And then some; well, they totally ignore it all. Or that is their mindset, for I believe that GOD sets their minds in motion to receive HIS spirit of love. They may give the impression of not being interested, but the stiff neck gives them away. I am not sure why people think it is so important not to reveal their thoughts about things; when their body motions tell a different story. We all have a idea of protecting our feelings, not giving away too much about ourselves; but Christians are called to BE more, to DO more for our Heavenly Father.
The local churches are working with people thru free parking, low cost breakfasts, and other events. I would like to point out that as Christians we should support other Christian groups by letting them know. Go up and speak to them, believe me; they could use a pat on the back or a hand shake. It is tough when you care about people and their souls; and they want nothing to do with you or your GOD. It is sad, when the wife or girl friend turns to walk toward you and the man stops her. I read one man’s lips as he told her, that guy is telling about Jesus and we don’t want to hear all that. Her eyes glanced back and I could see her sadness. So SAD indeed! People are headed to HELL and believe the lies about it not being real or that GOD will give another chance to them after they die. SO WRONG INDEED!!

GREAT bike shop in Flagler Beach!!

If you are in the Daytona Beach area and ever have trouble with your motorcycle, be it a Harley Davidson or other brand; you can get great service at Tri-City Cycles in Flagler Beach. Their address is 308 S. Second Street, Flagler Beach, Florida and the phone number is (386)439-3967. Scott McNitt is the owner and in most cases in the shop every day.
This year a friends’ Harley Davidson lost a bearing on the rear end. This shop worked us in and had us back on the road in short order and the price was more than fair. It is something about a road trip that makes motorcycles tear up. And it can ruin a trip quick when the trip budget is eat up with dealer repair prices and time constraints. Small shops such as this one need your business and they will take care of you for this shop had repaired my bike two different times, a split in a fuel line cause raw gas to be pumped on to top of engine and another time, a head light flashing system had failed causing no headlight functions to work at all. No one needs a fire, especially under your rear end and the headlight problem was not noticed until it got dark. By the grace of GOD the fuel did not catch fire and headlight had not failed at night. Scott and his mechanics are very professional too, if another problem is noticed they point it out to you and offer the option to repair it then or wait if that can be safely done. On my friends Harley, the rear brakes were about gone and they had the pads in stock. More time to ride on a SAFE motorcycle. That is the kind of service you want and expect.

2014 Moving forward telling others about Jesus

I just returned last week from a WONDERFUL pastors conference in Orlando, Florida. It was entitled Synergy 4, and I invite you to check out their web site. This was a blessing for me as I learned of other groups interested in going beyond just “doing church”; and how to mobilize others that are concerned about saving souls. Its just like the song by Casting Crowns “If We are the Body”, Christians should be telling everyone about the GREAT things GOD has done for us thru HIS son, Jesus. The only way to heaven is thru believing in Jesus and having a relationship with Him. As Christians, we need to be more concerned for the lost; not so caught up in self. We need tp keep our eyes on Christ; He takes care of his children who serve and follow Him. Only then can we hope for the fulfillment of the Great Commission, as we have been sent.
We were shown a early viewing of the movie, “Son of GOD”. The movie was presented by the producer, Mark Burnett and his wife Roma Downey, who plays the role of Mary. This movie is to hit the theatres in Febuary of this year.

Faith Rider Meeting

Warren Baptist Faith Riders will meet tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 pm in the field house, behind the church. We will be planning the setup for Augusta Harley Davidson’s Toys for Tots day/ride coming up on Nov. 9th, at the dealership. Wheels of Faith will setup the wrecked bike and have fellow Faith Riders there sharing insights about GOD and HIS love for us.



Just returned from Biketoberfest 2013 in Daytona Beach!

Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach is so much fun and this year the rally was great, the beautiful weather added to the large crowd that came to town. Wheels of Faith setup during the spring rally at Flagler Beach First Baptist Church. I met with Pastor Chet about the upcoming spring rally in 2014. Plans are being made to share again with bikers visiting the Flagler Beach area during this spring rally of 2014. The coastal road A1A is a block away from the First Baptist Church in Flagler Beach and we served cold water and light snacks to those that stopped by.

Wheels of Faith has a display of a wrecked motorcycle that continues to be of service. It is used in service to GOD; even though it is all busted up, it continues to be of service. People are the same, just because their life has been changed or altered they are still of use to GOD. Other people seem to only hang out with us when we are healthy or working, it all sometimes changes when we suffer a hardship; and it should not be this way. Wheels of Faith is a ministry that reaches out to those that are suffering or questioning about GOD and HIS love offered thru Jesus, HIS son. As the Bible instructs people, the only way to the Father is thru the Son. Thanks again for visiting Wheels of Faith.







Went to Myrtle Beach Fall Rally 2013!!

Wheels of Faith had a great time again this year in Myrtle Beach. I setup at Jamin Leather on the 17 bypass and enjoyed the festivities with the crowd. Jamie is so nice to let Wheels of Faith setup at his business and talk with folks about Christ and His love for us.

Jamin Leather had a car show on Thursday that really had a large participation and then everyone seemed to stay for the leather auction. The weather was very nice and warm for this time of year, so there were lots of bikers in town for the rally.

If you visit Myrtle Beach, visit Jamin Leather they have all types of leather products for any occasion.  I really enjoy sharing my story and hearing how GOD has changed others lives and what HE means to them. Thanks for visiting Wheels of Faith.





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